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Dine-In Table Booking

Our Dine-in table booking solution allows Restaurant Manager to confirm direct reservations online. As soon as a reservation request is finalized;  email notification is sent to the online customer and also to the restaurant Manager. The reservation system also has guidelines issued by local authorities related to COVID 19 and requires confirmation from the customer before finalizing the online reservation. The reservation system and  emails also contain the name and logo of that specific restaurant; to avoid confusion.

From € 19.99 / Month (Ex BTW) onwards

Plus € 299.99 One Time Set-up Fee

  • Online table booking request; with restaurant logo visible on each order listed.
  • Customer confirmation compulsory on the COVID 19 safety guidelines issued by local authority.
  • Email notification of final reservation request, to both the customer and the restaurant.  

Contactless Food Menu

Contactless food order menu is the most important requirement for all dine-in restaurants, currently, due to COVID19 pandemic restrictions. The dine-in customer can now order food directly via their own Mobile devices. They just have to scan the QR Code displayed on the allocated  restaurant table, using their personal device. This allows them to access the complete food & drinks menu completely hands-free. They then have the option to place their order verbally to the waiter or select and submit the order online, which will automatically reach the restaurant kitchen staff. Our aim is to automate this entire process for every restaurant  by creating  a completely digital and contactless menu.

From € 29.99/ Month (Ex BTW) Onwards

Plus € 399.99 One Time Set-up Fee

  • Access to cloud platform to host the online food & drinks menu.
  • Design of QR Code and table stand/sticker for customer access. 
  • Design of digital food & drinks menu. 

Online Food Order

Online food order solution allows customers to easily place orders by accessing the menu online from anywhere within your delivery area. Generation of digital order invoice and receiving instant payment of the invoice amount in your bank account. Customer has a freedom to choose from different payment options; like IDEAL, Credit Card, Apple Pay etc. for online food order payment. The solution will be deployed on your domain and connected to your own brand. Additionally, easy access to your daily/weekly/monthly sales reports automatically created in the solution will help you to successfully grow your brand. This can be achieved by understanding your metrics; and getting a predefined analysis for your orders.

From €49.99/ Month (Ex BTW) onwards

Plus € 699.99 One Time Set-up Fee

  • Responsive online food order system for web/mobile.
  • Digital order invoice to customer & collection of payment directly in bank account.
  • Dashboard to access different reports, related to your online orders.

Complete Web-Portal

A complete web-portal solution offers you, your own website with a domain name connected to your brand. This lets your customers search and find you easily.  Additionally, you also receive a complete integrated solution for Dine-in table booking, Digital menu & online order system with easily accessible sales reports. Customers can view your business information on any device, place their order, and payment instantly reaches your bank account with every confirmed order. When using this solution; you also do not need to list your restaurant menu among your competitors, on other food portals. This is your own web portal; with online food order management system under your brand name and complete control over displayed information.

From €69.99/ Month (Ex BTW) onwards

Plus € 999.99 One Time Set-up Fee

  • You get a personal web-portal with your brand name & domain.
  • Integration of Dine-in, digital menu & online food order modules and customization as per changes required in current pandemic situation.
  • Full access to powerful dashboard for your online sales analysis, etc and payment directly in your bank account for all online food orders.



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